Intelligent conversations… augmented by OSS

One of the greatest do-good opportunities for our OSS / BSS / CRM is to provide augmentation to front-line staff to enable them to have intelligent conversations, be that with customers, suppliers, colleagues, etc.

Unfortunately we don’t always facilitate that to happen. In fact, the proliferation of front-line tools and processes that staff need to deal with often make them look less intelligent to the people they’re conversing with. You know the drill – the contact centre operator who can’t access information about your account / service / network / ticket number, the retail store operator who can’t pull up details about your bill, etc. They’re forced into buffer-face moments whilst they wait for our tools to return the useful information they need to do their job.

The prospect of machine-assisted information curation (via analytics, AI, etc) and delivery (eg via CTI, AR, etc) is really exciting for our industry to enable front-line staff (and the organisations they work for) to appear at the top of their game.

Unfortunately, the reality is that whether the technology is past, present or future-generation, if the user interface (including platforms, processes, training, data, etc) doesn’t support conversation augmentation in real-time, then it’s not really all that useful. Many tools might work reasonably well within siloes, but how many OSS / BSS / CRM systems, when converged into a single user experience, actually provide real-time decision support?

I’m curious about this one actually because I only ever really hear horror stories. What are your experiences on intelligent (augmented) conversations?

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