Many different breadcrumbs

There are many different breadcrumbs that contribute to any OSS. Business processes, organisation structures, data sources, hardware platforms, learning models, naming conventions, service offerings, communication methods, network topologies, equipment types, etc. The list is huge isn’t it?

There are so many immensely clever people in this OSS industry of ours too aren’t there? It can be overwhelming, particularly to those new to a given environment. This effect is amplified if that environment has people intent on taking the intellectual high ground they’ve earnt within their breadcrumb/s.

However, the best OSS exponents I’ve worked with know a lot about many of the breadcrumbs. They’ve achieved this mainly because they’ve acknowledged that they can’t be expert at all fields and have asked questions that make their colleagues feel important, learning from their breadcrumbs of expertise. Humility seems to be a common trait.

What do you think separates your OSS Top Guns from the rest?

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