Megafon signs with NetCracker / NEC

NetCracker and NEC to Enhance Operational Excellence for MegaFon

NetCracker and NEC Corporation announced that Russian communications leader MegaFon has selected NetCracker and NEC Neva Communications Systems to implement comprehensive Operations Support Systems (OSS). The new OSS will enable MegaFon to centralize network resource management, accelerate service introduction, and improve service quality and customer experience for mass market services across all of its affiliates.

NetCracker’s OSS modules to be implemented for MegaFon include Resource Inventory, Outside Plant, Discovery & Reconciliation, Network Planning & Design, Service Order Management, Service Information Management, Service Inventory, and Service Activation solutions.

NetCracker and NEC Neva will deliver the Network Resource Inventory project as part of MegaFon’s initiative to build a global network operations center. This project aims to consolidate inventory databases and centralize infrastructure management. This will enable accurate management of network resources across all of MegaFon’s affiliates.

With these capabilities, MegaFon plans to enhance its service fulfillment and assurance processes for mass market service delivery and streamline provisioning for its fixed and broadband B2B services. MegaFon expects to improve operational performance as a result of reducing the time and effort required to manage network resources accurately. Furthermore, the new solutions will enable MegaFon to introduce new services more rapidly with greater service quality and a superior customer experience.

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