Nokia Motive deployed by KDDI

Nokia Motive Service Management Platform deployed by KDDI in Japan to deliver superior customer care.

Nokia announced that Japanese communications service provider KDDI has deployed the Nokia Motive Service Management Platform (SMP) to deliver superior customer care by streamlining and improving the resolution of issues for its millions of mobile subscribers.
Nokia Motive SMP allows KDDI to improve the detection, troubleshooting and resolution of issues during help desk calls, when subscribers use online self-care tools such as web-based support and online chat, and when they access self-care kiosks at KDDI’s 2,500 retail stores across Japan. Motive SMP will help the service provider deliver consistently superior customer care, while reducing IT and care costs through automated workflows and a consolidated approach to service management.

Nokia Motive SMP is a customer experience platform for home, mobile and enterprise devices and services, enabling communications service providers (CSPs) to adopt care processes that deliver the highest possible customer satisfaction at the lowest possible cost. Benefits include an improvement in first call resolution rates for subscriber issues by up to 72 percent, a 10-15 percent reduction in average help desk handling times, and a dramatic reduction in the volume of help desk calls by empowering more than half of subscribers to solve issues on their own.

Nokia Motive SMP provides a foundation for deploying service management as part of an agile omni-channel customer experience strategy, allowing subscribers to contact the CSP via one channel and continue on another as needed. Omni-channel provides consistency and continuity in the customer experience, delivering the optimal remediation of issues by enabling CSPs to capture, analyze and act upon information gathered from all subscriber interactions.

KDDI is deploying Nokia Motive SMP across its service areas in Japan via Amazon Web Services (AWS). The service provider is relying on the Nokia solution to help extend its No. 1 ranking in customer service in the Japanese market, based on a 2016 J. D. Power study.1

Hiroshi Tsuji, General Manager of Product and Customer Service at KDDI, said: “Japanese operators are consistently competing for a position at the heart of the connected experience, and network speed, the breadth of service offerings and pricing are no longer enough to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customer experience has become one of the most important factors in this highly competitive market, and Nokia’s Motive SMP will enable us to deliver unparalleled levels of customer service to our subscribers.”

Andy Fruhling, Vice President of Customer & Network Operations Business Unit at Nokia, said: “By selecting our Motive SMP platform, KDDI entrusts Nokia with its corporate strategy to continuously improve the customer experience, while maintaining and expanding leadership in customer satisfaction within the Japanese market. This deployment extends the business partnership Nokia and KDDI have had for more than 25 years, and we are delighted to help them provide subscribers with the best possible customer care capabilities.”

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