An Introduction to OSS

An Introduction to Your OSS

Are you just starting out on a career in OSS and need to get up to speed quickly? Are your colleagues already experienced in the field and talk in jargon that’s not familiar to you? Has your boss set you the task of finding out what an OSS is all about and whether it has a role to play in your organisation?

In this popular introductory course we cover:

  1. A history lesson on where OSS came from and why they were invented
  2. A discussion on what OSS help to achieve
  3. The components that make up an OSS
  4. Discussion on the background of the most commonly used OSS standards and methodologies, as well as the standards bodies that produce and maintain them. Examples include acronyms such as: TMN, TM Forum, ITU-T, TOGAF, ITIL, PMP, FCAPS, etc.
  5. Common terminologies
  6. A discussion on the future evolution of OSS

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