Choosing an OSS

Choosing the Right OSS/BSS Products for Your Needs

Are you looking to find the best-fit OSS/BSS for your organisation and proposed transformation? Are you aware that there are over 400 different OSS/BSS vendors (and even more products) to choose from?

How many of those products are you familiar with? Five? Ten? Fifty? How do you know whether the best-fit product or supplier is within the list of those you already know? Perhaps the best-fit is actually amongst the hundreds of other products and suppliers you’re not familiar with yet. How much time do you have to research each one and distill down to a short-list of possible candidates to service your specific needs? Where do you start?

This course takes you on a step-by-step guide on how to filter and select the best OSS/BSS for your needs:

  1. Use The Blue Book OSS/BSS Vendor’s Directory to identify a long-list of solutions (~20) out of all available vendor solutions (400+)
  2. Use persona/workflow mapping (PAOSS-PRE-02) and high-level requirements (PAOSS-PRE-03) to identify the key questions that will quickly identify a short-list for deeper analysis
  3. Identifying the next steps to go from short-list to best-fit (PAOSS-PRE-01)
Course Summary
Course Code: PAOSS-PRE-04
Delivery Method: Video, templates, personal contact
Methodology Steps: Item 2.2
Templates Provided: Customised Long-list matrix, Customised Short-list with requirement questions
Contact Hours Included: 1 hr session + long-list and short-listing services
Pre-requisites: PAOSS-PRE-01, 02 and 03 recommended
Cost (USD) $497

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