OSS Project Planning

OSS/BSS Project Planning

Have you been tasked with project managing an OSS/BSS transformation? Or perhaps are responsible for planning a project for others to run?

This course provides you with a step-by-step guide on how to plan out your upcoming OSS/BSS project including:

  1. To identify key implementation strategies
  2. To identify the most important activities, who’s responsible/supporting and plan them on a page using WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) techniques (template provided)
  3. Using the WBS to generate a timeline of effort, dependencies and resource allocation
  4. Generate a Project Management Plan (PMP) [template provided] or Execution Plan
  5. To use work breakdown planning strategies that suit phased delivery of value in preference to big-bang deliveries
  6. The partnership and change management strategies required
  7. Identifying risks and issues and creating mitigation strategies
  8. Planning for in-flight change
  9. To identify the technical solution including designs, integrations, infrastructure, deliverables and much more
Course Summary
Course Code: PAOSS-PRE-06
Delivery Method: Video, templates, personal contact
Methodology Steps: Item 7.2
Templates Provided: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Project Management Plan
Contact Hours Included: 2 x 1 hr sessions
Pre-requisites: PAOSS-PRE-01 (recommendation only)
Cost (USD) $897

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