OSS Requirements Matrix

Gathering your Specific OSS/BSS Requirements

Do you have the task of gathering the list of requirements for an upcoming OSS/BSS project? You know the rest of your project will be measured against the OSS/BSS requirements you gather. Do you already have a list of requirements in mind before you start discussions with your stakeholders? Are you worried there will be other important requirements that you overlook? Are you worried about how to prioritise the requirements you capture, as you know some will be essential, whilst others will be optional or wish-list items at best.

This course provides you with a templated approach to gather your requirements:

  1. To identify key user types (personas) that interact with your OSS/BSS (PAOSS-PRE-02)
  2. To use the generic entries in the pre-populated template as a guide for generating requirements that are specific to your needs.
    Note: These entries are categorized according to TM-Forum TAM classifications, as follows:-

    1. Market / Sales Domain (TAM 3)
    2. Product Domain (TAM 4)
    3. Customer Domain (TAM 5)
    4. Service Domain (TAM 6)
    5. Resource Domain (TAM 7)
    6. Business Partner Domain (TAM 8)
    7. Enterprise Domain (TAM 9)
    8. Integration Domain (TAM 10)
    9. Common Domain (TAM 11)
    10. General (Infrastructure, Platform, Hardware, Software, Usability, etc) and
    11. Reports
  3. To use the template to quickly gather information and capabilities from short-listed vendors
  4. To use the template to aid further short-listing or down-selection before subsequent steps in your vendor/product selection journey
  5. To prioritise requirements (eg mandatory, optional, etc) and/or to segment by project phase
  6. To use the requirements template for requirement traceability through the life-cycle of the project
Course Summary
Course Code: PAOSS-PRE-03
Delivery Method: Video, templates, personal contact
Methodology Steps: Item 2.1
Templates Provided: Requirement Gathering Template (includes sample requirements to aid your requirement gathering process)
Contact Hours Included: 2 x 1 hr sessions
Pre-requisites: PAOSS-PRE-02 recommended
Cost (USD) $897

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