OSS TaaS (Testing as a Service)

“Testing as a Service (TaaS) – People, process, accelerators, tools, technologies delivered in a consumable as-a-service model”
Ahmed Adel in this Slideshare pack

Testing as a Service has its merits for performing quality control on an OSS product set. It certainly provides greater resourcing flexibility and the swarm engineering model allows a faster time to revenue for product or project development.

The following three variants support a TaaS model:

  • OSS FTaaS – Functional TaaS – test case development, automated execution, regression, etc
  • OSS PTaaS – Performance TaaS – performance, load, stress generation
  • OSS STaaS – Security TaaS – code testing, penetration testing, certifications

There’s only one down-side. Almost all OSS products are very data-driven. Data models are almost always unique with no customer having identical networks, topologies, services, vendors, technologies, naming conventions, etc.

TaaS can handle the volume, but it is still essential to perform tests with the customer’s own data as this is the only way to provide contextual accuracy to your testing.

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