Our latest whitepaper has finally launched – AIOps of the Future: A Definitive Guide

I’m really excited to announce that a project we kicked off in collaboration with Ramandeep Bhalla, Deepak Kakadia and Rakesh Ashok, all the way back in March of 2023, has finally launched.

It got a whole lot bigger than I was originally expecting. It’s nearly 100 pages long, well over 30,000 words and over 40 AIOps vendors have been profiled.

When we set out, we hoped to service the following gaps in consolidated research for two key persona groups:

  • Architecture / CTO groups at carriers
    Help to provide a better understanding of the current market landscape, what’s available now, what the future looks like and then we can see what the gaps currently are (on a per vendor basis), which vendors are in the market, how to choose best fit  based on available solutions, which algorithmic approaches / techniques are best at improving operational benefits, how to implement and integrate, what pitfalls to avoid, etc. To also include key indicators around which the carriers can build business cases that support AIOps investments so that they make the most informed AIOps investment and implementation decisions they can
  • Product Managers at AIOps Vendors
    Help to provide an up-to-date understanding of the market landscape, market forces, trends and advances, how they compare with competitors, and understanding the needs and expectations of potential customers. The objective is to provide vendors with information that they can make informed product development decisions against for product roadmap direction.

The whitepaper covers:

  1. Importance of AIOps: Why investing in AIOps is non-negotiable in today’s context
  2. Benefits Realised: Tangible and intangible gains from implementing AIOps
  3. Types of Solutions: A taxonomy of existing AIOps models
  4. Vendor Landscape: A comprehensive list of vendors offering turnkey AIOps solutions
  5. Lessons Learned: Real-world pitfalls and success stories from AIOps implementations
  6. Leading Practices: Proven methodologies for seamless AIOps implementation
  7. Architectural Guide: Nomenclature and structure of AIOps components
  8. Evaluation Framework: Criteria to assess and select the most suitable AIOps solution
  9. Indicators of the Future: Trends and technologies shaping the future of AIOps
  10. Operational Transformation: Recommended shifts in operational models for a post-AIOps world
  11. Success Metrics: KPIs for substantiating an AIOps business case


Click on the image or this link – https://passionateaboutoss.com/product/aiops – to download your copy.

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