Peak telco (part 2)

They (OSS) CAN allow a CSP to be more nimble. They CAN allow a CSP to deliver business insights to customers in real-time. They CAN add significant value to a CSP’s customers. But for any number of reasons, the OSS that most telcos implement AREN’T nimble, insightful or small-business enablers.”

In yesterday’s blog on “Peak Telco” we posed some of the challenges facing the global telco industry. We also indicated that organisations like Google and Facebook have found a way to be perceived to be adding greater small business enablement value as opposed to telco services that are vital but perhaps less visible.

The challenge for telco is to once again find the ecosystem that enables the long tail of small business and prospers from the network effect.

The very nature of small business has changed since the behemoth Telco model ruled the CSP space. Modern small business has a greater reliance on e-social marketing, mobile, analytics, evolving business & revenue models and often has a global customer base. The over the top (OTT) offerings of Google and Facebook tend to add more perceivable value to e-dependent small business.

The big telcos I’ve dealt with tend to have a focus on their top 100 customers (and rightly so) but I think they also need to get more competitive with the OTT players for the long tail of small business with more advanced ecosystem plays.

This is where we, the OSS industry, comes in. Using John Reilly’s third-party Value Fabric concept, we have the ability to help create the ecosystems of tools, apps, content, etc that better enable modern small businesses.

Looking beyond pure “Comms Services,” how can we enhance e-social marketing, mobility, analytics, evolving business & revenue models and the global customer base of small business?

The telcos already have the massive subscriber base that will allow the network effect to kick in if these new tools are perceived to add value.

How can we help, not just protect our existing market models?

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