Redknee wins with EMEA Tier 1 customer

Redknee Wins Policy Management with EMEA Tier 1 Customer.

Redknee Solutions Inc. announced the signing of a new multi-million dollar contract to deliver its policy management solution, Redknee PCS, to a Tier 1 communications service provider (CSP) in the EMEA region with more than 55 million subscribers. Redknee’s policy management solution allows service providers to monetize their network investments by quickly launching new data plan packages and delivering a differentiated quality of service to subscribers. For this service provider, Redknee’s solution will enhance its competitiveness in data services and optimize the quality of service for its subscribers, resulting in more efficient operations and an improved user experience.

As the industry adapts to the proliferation of OTT providers and the digital economy, traditional CSP business models and service structures are changing. Redknee’s solution enables service providers to set policies and rules to manage complex go-to-market scenarios. With its easy-to-use GUI, Redknee PCS allows marketing teams to easily create policies that support new offerings and improve time to market. Redknee PCS is robust and highly scalable, with full virtualization capabilities increasing deployment flexibility and improving resource utilization. Redknee PCS, part of the Redknee Unified suite, leads the industry in commercial Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) deployments of policy management. Redknee PCS also provides consistently reliable services across more than 40 networks in 25 countries.

Lucas Skoczkowski, Redknee’s CEO commented:
“The role and importance of policy management continues to grow, with the launch of 4G/LTE services, the adoption of VoLTE, and the proliferation of new data plans combining quality of service and usage. Redknee has the most agile policy management solution in the market, enabling our customers to launch innovative new products to market quickly. Redknee’s experience of delivering policy management to some of the world’s largest service providers demonstrates the scalability and reliability of our solution. We are pleased to support the objective of this Tier 1 operator in EMEA to be the leading provider of data services in its market. Redknee continues to invest in research and development of the Redknee Unified suite, which delivers subscriber management, real-time analytics and monetization, and policy management to support the next generation virtualized environment for communication service providers.”

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