Simplification at scale

On Friday we published The Simplification Mantra. It discussed the starting perspectives for simplification and that OSS already have so much functionality that they’re difficult for users to navigate.

An example that I see time and again is where OSS can achieve a requirement, let’s say designing a service for one customer, but don’t cater for delivering the functionality at scale (ie designing services for hundreds of customers per day).

Most user interfaces are designed for delivering a function for demonstration purposes, not for the scale that most of our customers operate at.

Automations are seen to be the panacea for the scaling of everything. However, they’re also usually difficult to create and maintain. Designing and streamlining for scale is a simpler and more elegant solution.

Do your customers use workarounds (eg scripts, APIs, data migrations) to bypass your user interfaces in their attempts to process at scale? Have you watched how they use your tools at scale?

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