No, not “Wow!” the exclamation but the acronym W-O-W.

Wow stands for Walk Out Working. In other words, if a customer comes into a retail store, they walk out with a working service rather than exasperation. Whilst many customers wouldn’t be aware of it, there are lots of things that have to happen in an OSS / BSS for a customer to be wowed:

  • Order entry
  • Identity checks / approvals
  • Credit checks
  • Inventory availability
  • Rapid provisioning
  • Rapid back-of-house processes to accommodate service activation (eg billing, service order management, SLAs, etc)
  • etc

How long does all of this reasonably take for different product offerings? For mobile services, this is often feasible. For fixed line services, delivery is often measured in weeks, so the service provider would need to provide accommodation to accommodate WOW.

With virtualised networking, perhaps even fixed line services can be wowed if physical connectivity already exists and a virtually enabled CPE is installed at the customer premise. A vCPE that can be remotely configured and doesn’t require a truck roll or physical commissioning activities out in the field.

Wow, the acronym and the exclamation, become more feasible for more service delivery scenarios in a virtualised networking world. It then lays out the challenge to the OSS / BSS to keep up. Could your OSS / BSS, product offerings and related processes meet a WOW target of minutes rather than hours or days?

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