Are you the authorised representative of an organisation that creates OSS (operational support systems), BSS (business support systems) or related software that helps operationalise networks? Would you like to administer your organisation’s listing here on The Blue Book OSS/BSS vendor directory?

If yes, this page provides a step-by-step guide to
a) Claim a listing that we’ve provisionally created for you or
b) Add a new listing if we haven’t created one yet.

The steps are as follows:

  • STEP 0 – Go to this linkĀ
  • STEP 1 – Register (or login if you’ve previously registered).
  • STEP 2 – Claim – Navigate to your pre-established listing, then hit the Claim listing button; OR
    • If a listing doesn’t already exist for your organisation, then jump straight to “STEP 4 – Add listing” section
    • NOTE 1: Admin moderation happens after you make a claim, so expect a short time gap. You’ll receive an email after we approve your claim
    • NOTE 2: If you organisation’s listing DOES NOT have the “claim listing” button next to it, then someone from your organisation has already claimed it and you don’t need to
  • STEP 3 – Modify – Optimise your listing by navigating to your listing and clicking on the “Edit” button. This will allow you to update available fields to describe your organisation and product/s. As long as you log in first, you’ll now be able to modify your listing any time you like
  • STEP 4 – Add a New Listing – Click on the “Add Listing” button next to the filter bar, then fill in the fields provided
    • This step is not required if you’ve already claimed your listing at STEP 2
    • NOTE 1: Admin moderation happens after this step, so expect a short time gap. You’ll receive an email after we publish your New listing

STEP 1 – Register (or login)

1. Click the Login/Register navigation

2. First time users register, or returning users login

STEP 2 – Claim your company listing

1. Go to “Directory Home,” then use the A-Z filters to narrow your search by company name

2. Once you find your company listing, click “Claim Listing”.
NOTE: If your company is not already listed, jump to the “STEP 4 – Add Listing” section later in this document

3. Provide information to justify your claim

4. Standby! Your claim will be moderated by the Admin

STEP 3 – Optimize Your Listing from Dashboard

1. Once your claim has been approved the “Edit” button will appear next to your listing. Click it to enter your dashboard.

2. Carefully provide all of the most relevant and useful information about your company and product.

NOTE: Some fields are “private view” for internal use only

3. Save changes

STEP 4 – Add your listing

1. Add listing (NOTE: This step is only required if you skipped STEP 2 & 3 because your company was not already listed)

H4 NOTE: Some fields are “private view” for internal use only

2. First time users register (if not already done in STEP 1), or returning users login

3. Agree to terms and fill out the form fields


4. Standby! Your new listing will be moderated by the Admin