OSS Product / Vendor / Supplier List

Attention OSS/BSS buyers.

Are you trying to identify the best OSS/BSS? The right OSS, BSS or related product / vendor / supplier / integrator for your organisation?

Are you about to run an OSS tender, Request for Info (RFI), Expression of Interest (EOI) or Request for Proposal (RFP), but don’t want to limit the invite list to just the suppliers you know? Are you curious whether the best-fit supplier for your unique needs might exist outside your network of known vendors?
The matrix below provides a list of nearly 400 suppliers that produce / integrate OSS, BSS and/or related tools.

If you need assistance with:

  • A tested and refined procurement strategy (You can find OSS product / vendor selection hints here based on the numerous vendor / product selections we’ve helped customers with in the past)
  • Preparing a short-list of suppliers to suit your needs
  • Customised market analyses
  • Personal introductions to any of these vendors,

Passionate About OSS would be happy to help. Simply contact us and / or schedule a free consultation via our contacts page today.


Vendor URL Products/Services 1 2 3 4
2operate ApS www.2operate.com
3-GIS www.3-gis.com
Aarav Solutions www.aaravsolutions.com
Accanto Systems www.accantosystems.com
Accedian accedian.com
Accenture www.accenture.com
Accruent www.accruent.com
Advanced VoIP www.advancedvoip.com
Advantage360 www.advantage360.com
AdvOSS www.advoss.com
Agama Technologies www.agama.tv
Agile Network Systems (ANS) www.agilenetsystems.com
Agilis Acquired by Infogix www.infogix.com
Agillis Satcom www.agilissatcom.com
Alcatel-Lucent Acquired by Nokia https://networks.nokia.com/solutions/oss
Alepo www.alepo.com
ALTIMA www.altima.hr
Amartus www.amartus.com
Amdocs www.amdocs.com
AN10 www.an10.io
Anuta Networks International www.anutanetworks.com
Apigate www.apigate.com
APInf apinf.io
Apptium www.apptium.com
Apttus Corporation apttus.com
Argus – The all seeing argus.tcp4me.com
Aria-Networks www.aria-networks.com
Aricent (now Altran) northamerica.altran.com/software/overview
ARRIS Solutions www.arris.com
Aruba (Airwave) Part of HPE www.arubanetworks.com/products/airwave
ASC technologies asctechnologies.com/english/index.html
Ascom Network Testing acquired by Infovista
AsiaInfo www.asiainfo.com
Astellia Acquired by EXFO www.astellia.com
Atheeb intergraph Saudi Co. aisc-sa.com
Atonomi atonomi.io
Atos atos.net/en
Avotus www.avotus.com
AVSystem www.avsystem.com
AwareX www.awarex.com
Beesion Technologies beesion.com
Beijing BOCO Inter-Telecom technology www.boco.com.cn:8081
Bercut www.bercut.com
Biarri Networks biarrinetworks.com
bigpanda bigpanda.io
Bill Perfect Now known as TimelyBill timelybill.com
Black Tangent blacktangent.com
Blue Prism www.blueprism.com
BMC www.bmc.com
Brytlyt Limited www.brytlyt.com
BSG Clearing Solutions www.bsgclearing.com
Bulb Technologies www.bulbtech.com
BumpConductor www.bumpconductor.com
CA Technologies www.ca.com
CACI http://www.caci.co.uk
Cacti www.cacti.net
Camvio camv.io
CanGo Networks Private www.cangonetworks.com
Cardinality www.cardinality.co.uk
Casewise Acquired by erwin erwin.com/services
CBeyond Acquired by Birch Communications www.birch.com/
CBOSS www.cbossgroup.com
C-DOT www.cdot.com
Celfinet www.celfinet.com
Celfocus www.celfocus.com
Cellos Software www.cellossoftware.com
Centina Systems www.centinasystems.com
CENX www.cenx.com
Cerillion www.cerillion.com
Check MK mathias-kettner.com
Cherwell www.cherwell.com
ChikPea www.chikpea.com
Ciena Corporation www.ciena.com
Cisco www.cisco.com
Clarity Now part of Synchonoss www.synchronoss.com
Clarity Global www.clarityint.com
Cloudsense www.cloudsense.com
Cloudstreet cloudstreet.co
Cmind cmind.io
CODIX USA www.codix.us
COGNITY www.cognity.gr
collectd collectd.org
Comarch www.comarch.com
CommTel www.commtelns.com
Communications Data Group (CDG) www.cdg.ws
Comptel Corporation Acquired by Nokia
Comverse No longer exists, but is part of Mavenir and Amdocs respectively
Connected2Fiber  www.connected2fiber.com
Convergys www.convergys.com
Cortex www.cortex-ia.com
Couchbase www.couchbase.com
Covalense www.covalense.com
CRM.COM Software www.crm.com
CROSS Network Intelligence www.cross-ni.com
Cruz Formerly Dorado Redcell
Crystal ASP Services www.crystalasp.ie
CSG International www.csgi.com
CustomCall Data Systems www.customcall.com
CVidya Acquired by Amdocs www.amdocs.com
Dell EMC www.dellemc.com
Deploy Partners deploypartners.com
DGiT Systems www.dgitsystems.com
DIGIGLU www.digiglu.io
DigitalRoute www.digitalroute.com
Dorado Software www.doradosoftware.com
DonRiver www.donriver.com
Dynamic Design www.dynamic-design.com
Eclipse Foundation www.eclipse.org
Edge Technologies www.edge-technologies.com
Ekinno Lab www.ekinnolab.eu
Elastic Path Software Inc www.elasticpath.com
Elitecore (Sterlite Technologies) www.elitecore.com
Emeldi Canada emeldi.com
Emersion Software Systems www.emersion.com.au
Empirix www.empirix.com
Enghouse Networks www.enghousenetworks.com
Entuity entuity.com
Enxoo www.enxoo.com
Ericsson www.ericsson.com
Eskadenia Software – Telecom Billing www.eskadenia.com
ESRI www.esri.com
ETI Software Solutions etisoftware.com
Etiya www.etiya.com
Evolving Systems Inc www.evolving.com
EXFO www.exfo.com/en/products/network-performance-monitoring/
Expedite Commerce www.expeditecommerce.com
Fair Isaac Corporation www.fico.com
Federos www.federos.com
Fluxicon www.fluxicon.com
FNT Software www.fntsoftware.com
ForgeRock www.forgerock.com
FreeNATS www.purplepixie.org/freenats/
FTS – Formula Telecom Solutions www.fts-soft.com
Fujitsu www.fujitsu.com
FusionLayer www.fusionlayer.com
Galileo Software www.galileosoftware.com
Ganglia ganglia.info
GDi GISDATA www.gdi.net
GDX gdxnetwork.com
GE www.gedigitalenergy.com/GIS.htm
GEMALTO SA www.gemalto.com
GENBAND Part of Ribbon Communications ribboncommunications.com
gen-E gen-e.com
GeoSpock geospock.com
GlobalGig iGEM acquired Globalgig from Voiamo www.globalgig.com
GLOBEOSS www.globeoss.com
Globetom www.globetom.com
Guangzhou Sunrise Technology www.sunrizetech.net
Guavus www.guavus.com
H2O by Overgroup www.overgroup.com
Hansen Technologies Denmark A/S www.hansencx.com
HCL Hong Kong SAR Limited www.hcltech.com
Height8 Technologies www.height8tech.com/
Hewlett-Packard Enterprises www.hpe.com
Hinemos www.hinemos.info/en/top
Hortonworks hortonworks.com
Hot www.hottelecom.com
HTK www.htk.co.uk
Huawei www.huawei.com
i2i Systems i2i-systems.com
IBM www.ibm.com
Icaro Tech www.icarotech.com/en
Icinga www.icinga.com
IconWave www.iconwavetech.com/oss-bss-solutions
Ideasoft Uruguay www.ideasoft.biz/en
Incognito Software Systems www.incognito.com
Inducta www.inducta.hr
InfoGix www.infogix.com
Infonova www.infonova.com
Infosim www.infosim.net
Infosys www.infosys.com
Infovista www.infovista.com
InnoEye www.innoeye.com
INOC www.inoc.com
Inomial www.inomial.com
Intec Acquired by CSG International
IntegraTouch (Symphony Billing) symphonybilling.com/
InterMapper www.helpsystems.com/products/network-monitoring-software
Intracom Telecom www.intracom-telecom.com
Intraway Corporation www.intraway.com
Ipswitch: WhatsUp Gold www.ipswitch.com/network-monitoring
Isoton (previously Oasis Systems) www.isoton.com
ISPM www.ispm.com
Italtel www.italtel.com
Itential www.itential.com
ITS Telco Services its-service.eu/products
ItsOn www.itsoninc.com
Ivanti www.ivanti.com
JSC ALFASATCOM alfasatcom.ru
Juniper Networks www.juniper.net/us/en
Juvo juvo.com
Kapsch CarrierCom www.kapsch.net/kcc
Kaseya www.kaseya.com
KDDI Research www.kddi-research.jp/english
Kentik www.kentik.com
Kloudville kloudville.com
Knowesis www.knowesis.com
Latro Services www.latroservices.com
Lepton Software www.leptonsoftware.com/networkaccess
Level 3 Communication www.level3.com/en
LogiSense www.logisense.com
LogMatrix www.logmatrix.com
LogNet Systems www.lognet-systems.com
Mahindra Comviva www.mahindracomviva.com
Maplewave www.maplewave.com
Matrixx www.matrixx.com
Mavenir www.mavenir.com
MaxBill maxbill.com
MDS www.mdsglobal.com
MegaSoft www.megasoft.com
Metratech Acquired by Ericsson www.ericsson.com
MindCTI www.mindcti.com
Minim www.minim.co
Mobileum www.mobileum.com
Mobinets www.mobinets.com
Mobinomics www.mobinomics.com
Modern Telecom Systems IT www.mts-mea.com
Moogsoft www.moogsoft.com
Motadata www.motadata.com
Munin munin-monitoring.org
MyCom OSI www.mycom-osi.com
Nagios www.nagios.org/
Nakina Systems Acquired by Nokia www.nokia.com
NeDi www.nedi.ch
NetAct Part of Nokia’s acquisition of Siemens www.nokia.com
Netadmin Systems www.netadminsystems.com/
NetBoss Technologies acquired by Enghouse Networks
NetCracker www.netcracker.com
Netdisco netdisco.org
Netformx www.netformx.com
NETKA SYSTEM COMPANY netkasystem.co.th
NetPlus StoneCalibre acquired NetPlus from Ventraq netplustms.com
Netrounds www.netrounds.com
NetSAS www.netSAS.com.au
Netscout www.netscout.com
NetworkMining www.networkmining.com
NetX (The Quality Group – TQG) www.tqg.de
NetYCE netyce.com
Neural Technologies www.neuralt.com
NeuralStar Part of Kratos www.kratostts.com/products
Neustar www.neustar.biz
New Relic newrelic.com
Nexign nexign-systems.com
Ni2 ni2.com
NISC (National Information Solutions Cooperative) www.nisc.coop/telecom-solutions
NMSWorks Software www.nmsworks.co.in
Nokia www.nokia.com
NTS Retail www.ntsretail.com
Nuage Networks Part of Nokia www.nuagenetworks.net
Nuviso Networks nuvisonetworks.net
Octopussy octopussy.pm
Ontology Systems acquired by EXFO
op5 Monitor www.op5.com
Open Systems www.openintl.com
Opencloud Acquired by Metaswitch www.metaswitch.com
Openet www.openet.com
OpenKBM Part of Rocket Software www.rocketsoftware.com/products/rocket-netcure
OpenNMS www.opennms.org/en
OpenVault openvault.com
Opmantek www.opmantek.com
OPNET’s AppResponse Xpert Part of Riberbed SteelCentral www.riverbed.com/au/products/steelcentral/opnet.html
Opsview www.opsview.com
Optare Solutions optaresolutions.com
Optiva www.optiva.com
(previously known as Redknee)
Oracle www.oracle.com
OS group www.orangesystem.ru/en/index.php
OSI Acquired by MyCom www.mycom-osi.com
OSSera ossera.com
OSS Nokalva www.oss.com/
Overture Networks Acquired by ADVA Optical Networking www.advaoptical.com/en
Paessler www.paessler.com
Panamax www.panamaxil.com
Pandora FMS pandorafms.com
PathSolutions www.pathsolutions.com
Pegasystems www.pega.com
Performance Co-Pilot pcp.io
Peter Service www.billing.ru/en
PiA-TEAM www.pia-systems.com/product-solutions
Polystar OSIX www.polystar.com
PortaOne www.portaone.com
PowerAdmin www.poweradmin.com
Prodapt www.prodapt.com
Quob Park Solutions Formerly SMI Telecomshttp://www.quobpark.com/solutions-division-overview/
Qvantel Oy www.qvantel.com
RAD www.rad.com/products/Management-and-Orchestration/13#page1
RAO Infosystems www.raoinfosystems.com
Rapid7 (acquired Komand) www.rapid7.com
Redknee acquired by Optiva
Retixa www.retixa.com
RIFT www.riftio.com
Rightcloud www.rightcloud.asia
Riverbed www.riverbed.com
RTC ARGUS argustelecom.ru
Salamanca Solutions International www.salamancasolutions.com/solutions
Salesforce www.salesforce.com
Sandvine www.sandvine.com
SAP www.sap.com/industries/telecommunications.html
SAS Institute www.sas.com/en_au/industry/communications.html
Savvi www.savvi.io
ScienceLogic sciencelogic.com
ServiceNow www.servicenow.com
SevenTest R&D Centre seventest.ru/#
SevOne www.sevone.com
Shinken www.shinken-monitoring.org
Sicap www.sicap.com
Sigma Systems www.sigma-systems.com
SigScale Global www.sigscale.com
Simfonics Acquired by Amdocs www.amdocs.com
Simpledata Group www.simpledata.solutions
Sinefa www.sinefa.com
Six DEE Telecom Solutions 6dtech.co.in
Skyline Communications (DataMiner) skyline.be
SLA Digital sla-digital.com
Solarwinds www.solarwinds.com
solvatio solvatio.com
Sonus Networks Part of Ribbon Communications ribboncommunications.com
Sopra Steria TME www.soprasteria.com/en
Space Star Technology spacestar.com.cn/en
Sparx Systems www.sparxsystems.us
Spiceworks www.spiceworks.com
Spirent www.spirent.com
Splunk www.splunk.com
Stack Soft onyma.ru
Sterlite Technologies www.sterlitetech.com
Stream Technologies Acquired by ARM www.arm.com
Subex www.subex.com
SunTec Business Solutions www.suntecgroup.com
SunTech / SunVizion www.sunvizion.com Related to www.suntech.pl
Symsoft www.symsoft.com (part of CLX Communications)
SynchronOSS www.synchronoss.com
Sysbiz Technologies www.sysbiz.com
System Mechanics www.sysmech.co.uk
Tango Networks www.tango.ie
Tata Consultancy www.tcs.com
TechMahindra www.techmahindra.com
Tecnotree www.tecnotree.com
Telarix www.telarix.com
Telchemy www.telchemy.com
Telco Systems www.telco.com
TEOCO www.teoco.com
ThousandEyes www.thousandeyes.com
Thunderhead www.thunderhead.com/one-engagement-hub
TIBCO Software www.tibco.com
Timir www.timir.kz
TimweTech www.timwetech.com
TNSI www.tnsi.com
Torry Harris Business Solutions www.thbs.com
Tr3dent www.tr3dent.com
Trektel www.trektel.com
triPica www.tripica.com
Trisotech www.trisotech.com
TTG International www.ttgint.com
Tupl www.tupl.com
UBIqube www.ubiqube.com
Usha Martin Technologies www.ushamartintech.com
Ushacomm Part of Usha Martin Technologies
UXP Systems Acquired by Amdocs
VAS-X vas-x.com
VC4 www.vc4.com
Ventraq (NetPlus) Part of NetPlus  netplustms.com
Verax Systems veraxsystems.com
Veryx technologies www.veryxtech.com
VETRO FibreMap www.vetrofibermap.com
Viavi www.viavisolutions.com
Vigilo NMS www.vigilo-nms.com/en/home-page
Vlocity www.vlocity.com
VPI Photonics www.vpiphotonics.com
WANDL Acquired by Juniper www.juniper.net
Wavelength Communications www.wavelength.co.com
WebNMS www.webnms.com
WeDo Technologies www.wedotechnologies.com
Whale Cloud Technology (previously ZTE) www.iwhalecloud.com
Xalted www.xaltedcorp.com
XINTEC www.xintec.com
Xius www.xius.com
Xtraction Acquired by Ivanti www.ivanti.com
Zabbix www.zabbix.com
Zeetta Networks zeetta.com
Zenoss www.zenoss.com
ZIRA Ltd. www.zira.com.ba
ZTE Now known as Whale Cloud Technology www.iwhalecloud.com

!! Additional vendor matrix updates are still coming. If we’ve inadvertently overlooked your OSS organisation, please contact us and we’ll be sure to add you to the list!!

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  2. Good that you have ItsOn for BSS – IN/PCRF capability can be used to manage your data bundles.

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