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Need some extra help to get your Operational Support Systems (OSS) under control, or to proactively prevent it from ever getting out of control?

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There are 2600+ things on our mind. What’s on your mind?

Through Passionate About OSS, we've created well over 2,600 articles that share ideas, tips, techniques and stories about the OSS industry (ie sharing what's on our mind). However, recent articles about a shortage of end-user empathy in OSS / BSS / telco have highlighted that we also don't ask enough questions about what's on your mind and other readers like you. This is particularly true of…

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Uncovering Hidden Gems: How an Unexpected Technique Unlocked Surprising Insights

It's funny how you sometimes unlock powerful work techniques without intending to isn't it? So powerful that they become an important part of the way you work on future OSS/BSS projects. Or perhaps just an incisive tool that you pull out of your kit-bag in certain situations. A few years ago I was helping a client to develop a 5-year plan and associated product roadmap. We…

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Telcos have 3 enduring assets. They might not be what you think. They’re almost definitely undervalued

Have you pondered what the greatest assets are for telcos with their current business models? We recently looked at their Fundamental telco differentiators but what about assets / strengths? Some may cite factors such as network infrastructure, spectrum, intellectual property (IP) or employees (and I'll always include OSS/BSS in this list naturally). These might all be assets, but I don't necessarily equate these to enduring advantages…

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What clients have said about Passionate About OSS

Ashley Neale
VP, Speedcast
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Over a number of months Passionate About OSS (PAOSS) consulted to us and our customer, assisting our successful award of an over AU$100M project. I’m a huge fan of PAOSS and their ability to relate the complexity of OSS to a layman and, importantly, the value to a user
TM Forum
Outstanding Contributor Award precis
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Ryan’s exemplary contribution to the End-to-end Open Digital Architecture program has led to the creation of TM Forum’s guidebook “Transformation Project Framework,” which provides TM Forum members with a revolutionary framework for transformation projects.... He is a listener, innovator, and excellent leader
Tony Kalcina
CEO Clarity International
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Ryan of Passionate About OSS was instrumental in delivering the Clarity OSS to many of our tier-one carrier clients across a 5 year span
Steven Cocchiarella
Director, Smithville Fiber
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Ryan knows how to prioritize a complex project in a way that maximizes ROI because he not only understands the technology challenges but also how to align technology to business strategy.
Max Higgins
Business Unit Manager
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Ryan helped us to develop a 5-year roadmap for the transformation for the OSS Business Unit. The Roadmap evaluated products, resources, technologies, processes, partnerships and funding models. This also laid out a vision for us to follow as well as a sequence of priorities over the 5-year timeframe. From a senior management and team perspective this was an invaluable exercise
Owen Tracey
Partner, Kearney
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We engaged PAOSS for their deep subject matter expertise in OSS, networks and telco operations. We were delighted with the way PAOSS worked with, and seamlessly supplemented, our team of experts.

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