Passionate About OSS Consulting and Implementation

Here at Passionate About OSS, we are exactly that – Passionate About OSS (Operational Support Systems). We’re also passionate about BSS, NMS, or any other names you call the tools that help to operationalise your network.

We help clients tasked with:

  1. Buying an OSS – Finding the best-fit OSS and BSS product / vendor / solution / training for your needs;
  2. Implementing an OSS – Initiating business improvement through a new or transformed OSS
  3. Selling an OSS – Creating compelling collateral – for an offer, marketing, product road-map or business case; or
  4. Investing in an OSS – Conducting due-diligence on an OSS stack, whether that’s the operational tools of a telco or the solution offered by an OSS vendor

We are connectors – We assist with projects large and small by connecting people, technologies, companies, processes, ideas and more. If you would like to discuss how we might collaborate, please reach out via the contact form below to book an appointment.

Alternatively, you might like to click on the Consultancy tab on our Products Page to find out the ways we help customers across these four distinct groups.

OSS and BSS transformation projects are notoriously complex beasts. They’re often enveloped in so much noise that it’s difficult to plot a clear path forward. In many cases, your technical experts are only serving to amplify the options and reduce the clarity of your decisions.

We help clients start their OSS transformation journeys – OSS Project leaders know the path to transformation is inherently complicated. The complexity can’t be eliminated of course. Yet you still desire fewer, but more clear-cut decisions to help guide the team successfully. Not just to improve the situation for your team, but for your whole organisation. You know that OSS are far more than just a cost centre – that they can fundamentally impact the success (or otherwise) of your entire company. We initiated TM Forum’s GB1011 – The Transformation Project Framework (TPF) – which helps organisations plan, coordinate and de-risk their OSS transformations. We even received TM Forum’s Outstanding Contributor Award for this work.

Our consultants have spent the last 20 years helping clients with OSS (Operational Support Systems), telecommunications, IT and smart city consultancies. More importantly, they’ve created the books, tools and methodologies that reduce risk and improve repeatability along the way.

As you undoubtedly know already, each OSS challenge is unique. They’re all complex, they’re all unique, but we can assist with an initial three-step plan:

  1. Schedule an Appointment with us
  2. Collaborate with us to create a customised plan for your needs
  3. We’ll execute the plan together

To discuss ways you can reduce complexity and risk on your next OSS transformation, start with Step 1 and Request an Appointment: