Finding an OSS expert

What type of OSS connection are you seeking? Are you looking for an OSS buyer, an OSS seller, an employer, an employee, an OSS vendor, an OSS integrator, an OSS consultant, an OSS contractor, an OSS freelancer, etc?

Here at Passionate About OSS, we’re passionate about making OSS happen. We have an extensive network of contacts from our years of working in the OSS industry. We just naturally tend to find ourselves making connections between the many experts in our network. Connecting those who are hoping to find an OSS expert with an OSS expert hoping to be found.

We make no promises whatsoever because we’re not professional matchmakers, but perhaps we might help you to make a valuable connection if the right opportunity arises?

By answering a few questions below, we’ll be better able to match you with the type of expert you seek. Your details will be stored in our OSS expertise registry. We take the privacy of your data seriously, in accordance with our privacy policy.