OSS Sellers

How we help OSS/BSS Sellers

With well over 500 product suppliers in the OSS/BSS market, it can be really difficult to stand out from all the other products / solutions.
It’s a cut-throat, highly competitive business for product suppliers and integrators.

We provide the following services to help you win more clients:

  • Free Product / Vendor Listings in the The Blue Book OSS/BSS Vendor Directory to shine a light on the great solutions you’ve developed and achievements you’ve made
  • Content Creation Packages to help focus buyer attention on your solutions and create a conduit between your internal Marketing and Engineering teams
  • OSS/BSS Audit and Optimisation services to make your OSS/BSS more likely to be purchased by Buyers. Includes UI/UX/CX audits and design recommendations
  • Retained advisory / coaching services
  • Connector services (companies, products, people, technologies, ideas, etc) for growth and partnership
  • Market / Competitor Analyses
  • Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategies that help you to identify the best way to capture the market’s attention and win client contracts
  • Battle Plans
  • Product Roadmap analysis and creation
  • Project implementation assistance
  • Develop working documents for implementation such as Implementation Plans, Project Management Plans, Data Migration Strategies, Test Strategies, Training Strategies, Change Management Plans and much more
  • Bid Management

Some or all of the above can be incorporated into us supporting OSS/BSS product owners to grow and/or even then exit via merger/acquisition (M&A)

Content Creation

Creation of Blogs, White-papers, Marketing Collateral, User Docs, Executive Briefing Packs, etc

Go-to-Market (GTM)

We’ll review people / process / tech options and provide GTM Recommendations

Market Review

We’ll report on your unique OSS market analysis needs

Please leave us a note if you’d like to book an appointment or request further information: