Developing your OSS Roadmap

Developing your OSS/BSS Roadmap

Do you have to develop a roadmap for your OSS/BSS through a series of phases of product implementations and integrations? This course provides you with the methodology, process and templates for mapping a roadmap to your future OSS/BSS.

The step-by-step guide to OSS/BSS roadmap development includes the following:

  1. Capturing a technical, functional and organisational view of the current OSS/BSS suite
  2. Capturing the future needs and objectives
  3. Identifying the gaps in products, functionality, processes and people
  4. Mapping applications, data models and interfaces in a staged progression to future state
  5. Mapping organisation and process changes
  6. Summarising with a sequence of tasks (ie the road-map)
Course Summary  
Course Code: PAOSS-PRE-07
Delivery Method: Video, templates, personal contact
Methodology Steps: Item 7.3
Templates Provided: Roadmap Model
Contact Hours Included: 3 x 1 hr sessions
Pre-requisites: PAOSS-PRE-01, 02 and 03 recommended
Cost (USD) $1197


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