OSS Strategy

Strategic Analysis of your OSS/BSS

Does your organization sells OSS/BSS or related services? Are you trying to determine the roadmap that best fits the needs of your organisation? You know that being software, there are so many different approaches you could take, so many options that you could invest time and resources into. But which are the options that will help you get the most bang-for-buck? This course takes you on a step-by-step guide on how to perform a strategic analysis on your OSS/BSS, consider the myriad different options in a quantitative way and then plot a roadmap towards a sustainable competitive advantage:

  1. Understanding your organisation’s corporate vision / objectives and how they can be mapped to a benchmark that delivers a guiding vision and strategic advantages for your OSS/BSS products and services
  2. Undertaking a current state, desired future state and gap analysis on your OSS/BSS
  3. Identify, evaluate and prioritise change factors against the benchmark. These factors could include pricing model, Target customer segments / industries, product / service mix (new or alternatives to existing), product delivery models (eg on-prem, SaaS, etc), technologies (eg AI/ML, etc), partnerships, marketing models, etc.
  4. Undertaking competitor analysis
  5. Understanding how your organisation’s sustainable competitive advantage can be enhanced by your OSS/BSS
  6. Understanding the required benefits and mapping these out to specific objectives for your OSS
  7. Understanding the risks associated with OSS operations and OSS projects
  8. Understanding the organisational change impacts when undertaking OSS projects
  9. Tracking a roadmap of innovation and change down to a project-by-project and resource allocation level
Course Summary  
Course Code: PAOSS-INT-02
Delivery Method:

Video, templates, personal contact

Methodology Steps: N/A
Templates Provided: Strategy Canvas (benchmark model), Option Evaluation Template, Project / Resource Template, Competitor Analysis Template
Contact Hours Included: 2 x 1 hour sessions
Pre-requisites: N/A
Cost (USD) $897

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