Free Consultation – How we can Help OSS/BSS SELLERS, VENDORS and INTEGRATORS

Are you looking to find the best-fit OSS/BSS for your organisation and proposed transformation? Are you aware that there are over 400 different OSS/BSS vendors (and even more products) to choose from?

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With well over 500 product suppliers in the OSS/BSS market, it can be really difficult to stand out from the other products / solutions. It’s a cut-throat, highly competitive business for product suppliers and integrators.

It can also be incredibly difficult for buyers to analyse the market and find the best-fit products for their needs. There are no easy apples-for-apples comparisons or benchmarks for buyers to use. There are also many different skill-sets and functional roles (eg Engineering, Operations, Finance, Implementation, etc) who get involved in each buyer’s procurement decisions. This makes the product roadmap, marketing and sales tasks much more nuanced for vendors.

Since we help buyers and implementers with their OSS/BSS, we’re uniquely positioned to understand and interpret the considerations that go into their buying decisions.

We’ve helped OSS / BSS vendors, suppliers and integrators to stand out from the crowd with consultancies such as:

  • Content Creation Packages (eg blogs, white papers, marketing collateral)
  • Perform Market Analyses to identify the gaps and advantages you have when compared with other suppliers
  • Go To Market (GTM) Strategy to review people / process / technology options and then prioritise the most likely to provide vendors with strategic competitive advantages
  • Develop Battle Plans to assist your sales teams to identify and highlight strengths / weaknesses compared with other suppliers
  • Development of Product Roadmaps that help to differentiate from competitors that offer many of the same product features as you
  • Development of Business Cases arising from strategies / roadmaps
  • Project implementation assistance
  • Detailed Enterprise / Solution Architecture and the creation of essential working documents during the implementation phase of this project/s
  • Design of test and / or training strategies to ensure suitable uptake of the new solutions
  • Development of user documentation and/or videos
  • Establishment of Proof of Concept or Demonstration Scenarios
  • Responding to EOI / RFI / RFPs issued by potential customers
  • Detailed SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) analysis and planning

Book an initial meeting with us at no cost or obligation to discuss your specific needs. On request, we will subsequently develop a proposal for consultancy deliverables..

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