OSS Masterclasses – Insights from Thought-Leaders in OSS (eBook)

OSS Masterclasses – Insights from Thought-Leaders in Operational Support Systems (OSS) consists of a series of masterclasses written by a group of thought leaders who I admire in the field of OSS.

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We start off this book with a short story on how to get started on an OSS project, which is always a challenge of knowing exactly where to start due to their size and complexity.

Then Ashton Wood advises us how to design an OSS platform that delivers from the variety of options that will be available to you. John Reilly then takes the baton to describe how to transform Customer Engagement to Party Engagement Management, a guide to the next generation of collaborative OSS.

Evan Linwood then shows us how to avoid B/OSS scope creep, an ever-present danger for OSS projects.
Taking this further, Adrian Mah describes how to gain OSS transformational benefits without doing a transformation by using innovative thinking and the Benefits Realisation Method / Management (BRM) approach.

Doug Duke takes us on the next leg of the journey with ideas for how to build a strong data foundation for an OSS solution. Sound reasoning on a subject that has brought about the downfall of many an OSS.
David Hendy then articulates what many are unable or unwilling to do – he describes how OSS platforms deliver business benefits.

Next up, Simon Osborne looks at the past to look into the future with a career perspective of how to know what is needed for the OSS systems of the future. On a similar theme, we then investigate the mega-themes that are likely to impact (and be impacted by) OSS in the future with a story on how to predict the next phase of the OSS explosion.
OSS Masterclasses is a compilation of the remarkable short stories, in each author’s own words, from the people who inspire me. I’m confident that their stories will enlighten and inspire you too.

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