Jeffery OSS Benchmark

What gets measured, gets managed
Peter Drucker

The Jeffery OSS Benchmark (JOB) template helps to identify the key process flows of your OctopOSS and then helps to compare the efficiency of the various products.

OSS vendors are caught in an arms-race of functionality as a means of differentiating from their competitors’s products. However, most organisations will never use a majority of the functionality provided. The JOB highlights the most oft-used processes (eg create new order) and then provides a means of measuring how efficient one product is compared with another.

Your first step is to identify the processes in the template that are most important to your organisation, the ones that will attract the large proportion of effort via your OSS. Once you’ve identified those, contact us for the detailed description on how to set up the benchmark of each process with your short-listed vendor/s.

Please let us know if there are additional processes that you’d like created and added to the existing list.