A Customer Experience Survey

“Every operator in the industry will argue emphatically that the experience customers have of their service is crucial to their ongoing sucess. As operators’ offerings become increasingly homogenised, and price-based competition ever more difficult to sustain, operators are embracing Customer Experience Management (CEM) as a key differentiator. But just how much of what we hear reflects real commitment and activity—and how much, for the moment, is just talk?”
Mobile operators’ CEM strategies: The market reality.

Key findings from the survey (of 50+ executives at mobile operators) commissioned by Comarch include:

  • 43 % of respondents said they have no integrated CEM (Customer Experience Management) programme in place
  • BUT More than 75 % of respondents said that their company has a strategy in place that puts CEM at the heart of end-to-end operations for all departments
  • 23.5 % have no established timeframe for the introduction of such a programme
  • 11.1 % of them did not know whether their company had an end-to-end CEM strategy in place
  • 27.5 % of respondents said their companies are only applying CEM strategies to enterprise and high spend customers
  • 29.4 % claims CEM is only limited to quality of service
  • 49% of the respondents admit to facing inability to align their technical view of the network with the influence on customer experience
  • 2% already have their CEM strategy implemented and a further 3.9% expect to have one implemented by the end of 2013
  • 41.2% expect to have their CEM strategy in place by the end of 2014 and 29.4 by the end of 2015

Based on the last dot-point, it seems that Customer Experience Management is a key objective for mobile operators in 2014 and 2015. In a competitive environment, where there is relatively little differentiation in services, it seems natural that a majority of mobile operators realise that customer experience is important.

In tomorrow’s blog we’ll take a closer look at how your OSS can help to improve customer experience.

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