Digicel selects Redknee

Redknee Supports Digicel to Offer Prepaid Energy in Asia Pacific.

Redknee Solutions Inc. announced that it is supporting Digicel, a leading global group mobile network operator, to offer prepaid electricity to residents and business owners in Papua New Guinea. Digicel has been using Redknee’s converged billing solution to provide its customers with prepaid and postpaid offerings for voice, messaging and data. The flexibility of Redknee’s software is now also allowing Digicel to monetize other digital services across various industries, including utilities and other future business opportunities.

Redknee’s converged billing system is supporting Digicel’s Easypay ‘Easipawa’ prepaid electricity metering service, enabling Digicel customers to purchase electricity at any time directly from their mobile phone. Energy customers simply enter their meter number and the required amount of electricity, receive an SMS message confirmation, and the payment is deducted directly from their Digicel airtime balance. Digicel’s postpaid customers can also utilize the prepaid electricity service and the purchased amount of energy is added to the monthly bill.

Redknee’s converged solution addresses the full range of Digicel’s billing requirements. With Redknee, Digicel is able to increase revenue and differentiation by offering its communications subscribers’ real-time targeted promotions, service bundles, incentives and hybrid payment options such as family or group account plans. In addition, Redknee is supporting Digicel to deliver an advanced business model and generate new revenue streams by providing energy customers with the ability to purchase electricity via their mobile phone through Digicel’s network. Working in partnership with the country’s incumbent electricity utility provider, Digicel and Redknee provided an alternative solution to the existing prepaid electricity voucher top-up payment method, where rural customers had to travel long distances to vending sites that were only available during business hours. This was time consuming, costly and inconvenient for the customer.

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