Huawei signs OSSii with NETSCOUT

Huawei Signs MOU under OSSii with NETSCOUT.

Huawei announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with NETSCOUT. The MOU allows NETSCOUT’s TrueCall® geoanalytics platform to access Huawei OSS interfaces under Operations Support Systems interoperability initiative (OSSii). Huawei has previously signed MOUs with several independent service vendors within OSS field.

This MOU is based on principles specified by OSSii (Operations Support Systems interoperability initiative). OSSii was established mutually by Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia in May 2013, and is committed to enabling OSS interoperability between various OSS vendors and their equipment vendors, realizing the interoperation test service in an extensive & advanced industry.

OSSii aims for eliminating the OSS interoperation obstacles with multiple vendors, and simplifying the interoperation between different systems. New network versions will be available for OSSii members to avoid long-haul and complex integration.

“Along with rapid development of telecommunication network, interoperability is costing more.” Jiang Wangcheng, the President of Huawei Wireless Network SingleOSS Product Line said. “Huawei as a leader in the OSS field has always committed to reducing network complexity and operational cost for the operators, as well as shortening the launch time of new services to the market. The cooperation with more and more independent vendor for test and measurement equipments will help us to achieve more innovation and cooperation in OSSii, which creates greater value for our customers.”


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