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Are you seeking help to develop OSS/BSS content that is informative, compelling and persuasive? Are you seeking to create content that resonates with business, operations and technology stakeholders alike at your target customers?

Are you finding that there’s a persistent disconnect between your internal marketing and engineering/delivery teams? Marketing teams commonly rely on technical teams for valuable customer implementation stories, insights into pain points, and product roadmap details. Unfortunately, marketing teams often face challenges gaining access to the calendars of tech teams who prioritise customer / product delivery activities. Additionally, have you experienced the feeling that engineers often view marketing’s technical expertise with scepticism, despite the necessity for marketing to create compelling narratives that elicit the early waves of interest from prospective buyers?

It’s at the intersection of product, delivery and marketing where we are unique. We have a deep understanding of the technology and challenges faced by implementation teams because we’ve implemented dozens of OSS and BSS. Yet we also help organisations to craft compelling stories and product roadmaps that help generate leads and win clients by uniquely differentiating in a highly fragmented market.

The creation of content takes many different forms across the entire estate of OSS and BSS, but is almost always asked to persuade and/or inform. Whether you’re looking for content creation from executive ghost-writing to thought leadership, a content marketing package or a custom marketing content plan, our team at Passionate About OSS can assist.

We specialise in all aspects of OSS / BSS / telco and only provide content creation services in this specific field. You’re not getting a general-practitioner content creator, but a seasoned OSS expert with hands-on OSS implementation experience combined with content creation skills. One who will collaborate with you directly to create collateral that is specific to your needs and target clients.

To help you choose, you can order from five pre-packaged content plans below:

  1. Basic (monthly blog article)
  2. Standard (fortnightly blog article)
  3. Advanced (weekly blog article + quarterly white-paper)
  4. Deluxe (twice-weekly blog article + quarterly white-paper)
  5. Whitepaper only (one off, or multiple to be quoted separately)

But you are welcome to select a more customised content plan that better fits your unique needs. Further details about the types of content available can be found in the details panel below.

To discuss further, please request a no-obligation meeting with our consultants.




You know that selling the OSS/BSS dream requires connecting with customers – which are often a mixed audience that ranges from business-centric CXOs to technological influencers and evaluators to the variety of teams that will use the final solution. Are you struggling to communicate the value of your OSS or BSS products and services to the diverse personalities  / perspectives within your target audience?  Are you struggling to generate content that captures the attention of potential customers – content that is technically plausible to Engineers and Developers and compelling to leaders / sponsors that are seeking exciting business benefits?

As a Marketing team, you rely on your Technical Teams (Products / Engineering / Implementation / Sales) to help articulate the problems and differentiators that make the market stand up and take notice. Are you struggling to communicate in compatible language with your technical teams? Are they always too busy to allocate time to share their market / customer insights from the coal-face? Are they even disrespectful of your technical knowledge or competence around use of your products and why these products are relevant to customers? Do technical teams consult you too late in a product lifecycle, after they’ve already developed the product and expect you put on a sing-and-dance show about it rather than using your real expertise of designing customer wow-factor into the product itself?

As a Technical team, you know that the products you’ve worked so hard to create need to quickly attract market attention in a crowded market. Without market buzz, even the most perfect OSS and BSS products can disappear into obscurity simply because of a lack of client awareness. It’s demoralising when the work of art you’ve created barely makes a ripple in the market. You need marketing to craft a story so compelling that word of mouth is generated. Once handed over, you need the marketing team to take it and run with it as independently as possible because you have a large backlog of other products or product features that customer and implementation teams have asked you to develop.

As a Sales team, you know that most OSS/BSS buying events are competitive in nature. You know that even as an incumbent, there are other incumbents or aspirants trying to steal your hard-earned market share. Or as an aspirant, you know how hard it is to convince clients to try something transformative, knowing that there are significant barriers in mindset and technology to do so. Are your pre-sales teams great at creating bid responses that tick all the boxes in client-supplied response templates, show your technical solutions (e.g. system architectures, integrations, infrastructure and data flows), but are not quite so good at creating compelling business messaging that leaves clients with a clear understanding of how your solution is differentiated and best fitted to their needs? Are your materials able to shift the static mindsets within client groups, such as OSS being only a cost-centre so costs need to be minimised rather than seeing that they are strong contributors to competitive advantage, revenue and brand value? Do your materials break the nexus of the pre-conceived notions that need to be shattered to really make a difference, knowing that your clients are about to embark on major investments in complex, costly and risky transformation projects?

Writing persuasive copy relies on story-telling. Not just any story, but stories that resonate with your target audience. To resonate with the audience requires empathy for the roles they perform, the problems they face and the tasks they need to complete each day. Having sincere empathy either requires great listening and detective analysis skills, or even better, to have “walked a mile in the subject’s shoes.” To combine both is something of a holy grail in marketing terms.

This is where Passionate About OSS thrives. Unlike general practitioner copyrighters or consultants, we have a 360 degree view of the OSS/BSS market from having sat in the chair of almost every role:

  • Customers – having used OSS/BSS extensively to perform daily tasks and refining processes to match; having advised boards of telcos on their OSS/BSS implementations; having prepared business cases that initiate OSS/BSS projects; having participated in procurement events where best-fit products / vendors need to be identified by first assessing the roles and activities that the OSS/BSS must perform
  • Marketing – we don’t just create strategies and content for clients, but we rely on content marketing to enhance our own brand awareness in a busy and fragmented market. We have created well over 2,500 blog articles, plus books, the podcast, market analysis reports, white papers and more. Not only that, but we have also helped with product roadmaps by looking well into the future of market needs, allowing to shift from just “skinning” or promoting products to ensuring the company is market/design-driven
  • Sales – we have acted as bid lead on multiple projects exceeding hundreds of millions of dollars. We also specialise in the creation of Executive Briefing Packs that summarise the templated bid responses that clients request. These EBPs ensure clients are left with a strong impression of value and differentiation presented within the bid
  • Technical – our roots are in the most technical of roles working on OSS/BSS products and customer implementations. We have performed roles such as architect, data migration, project management, training, testing, business analysis and even product design and prototyping. We have developed many templates to leverage that fast-track or conceptualise technical material for any of these roles
  • Merger & Acquisition (M&A) – we’ve represented buyers and sellers on OSS/BSS/telco/tech M&A events. This allows us to understand what must be in seller content (e.g. IM – Information Memorandum) that allow buyers to commit to an acquisition. It also allows us to conduct DD (Due Diligence) on seller-provided materials. Moreover, this provides us with a perspective of what really drives business value for OSS/BSS companies that filters into all other content types

Our team of experienced copywriters is here to help you craft compelling, effective messaging that will set you apart from the competition and drive sales.

As a leading provider of copywriting services for OSS and BSS vendors, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with marketing these types of products and services. Whether you are a software company, a telecom service provider, a solution integrator or a buyer or seller, we have the expertise and experience to craft messaging that resonates with your target audience and communicates the value of your offerings.

Our copywriting process is simple. We start by gaining a deep understanding of your business, your products and services, your target audience and the roles they have to perform. From there, we work with you to identify key messages and themes that will drive engagement and conversion. Whether you need any of the following, we have the skills and experience to deliver high-quality, persuasive copy that meets your needs:

  • Executive Ghostwriting
  • Website copy and landing pages
  • Thought-leadership brochures
  • Case studies
  • Thought-leadership / Blog articles
  • Email courses and funnel content
  • Executive briefing packs or executive summaries
  • White papers
  • Video scripts / content
  • Product roadmaps
  • Product materials
  • Implementation materials
  • or much more

Don’t let copywriting that doesn’t resonate with your audience hold you back any longer. Contact us today to learn more about how our content creation services can help your OSS or BSS business succeed. We look forward to working with you!

Book an initial meeting with us at no cost or obligation where we will discuss your needs from a content development plan that ensures you stand out from all your competitors. On request, we will subsequently develop a consulting proposal for actual content development.

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