Reverb Networks joins Nokia Networks in OSS Interoperability

Reverb Networks joins Nokia Networks in OSS Interoperability Initiative (OSSii).

Self-optimizing network (SON) specialist Reverb Networks has signed a bi-lateral agreement with Nokia Networks within the OSS Interoperability Initiative (OSSii) to ensure the future availability and reliability of network data formats for their popular SON solution, InteliSON.

The OSSii was founded by Nokia Networks, Ericsson, and Huawei as the initiating parties, with the aim of simplifying interoperability between OSS systems in a multi-vendor network environment. The initiative provides simplified, multi-lateral access to interfaces that have previously been restricted to proprietary use. The objectives of OSSii include enabling easier interoperability between OSS systems, reducing overall OSS integration costs and enabling shorter time-to-market.

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