Single customer view-point

Thank your customer for complaining and mean it. Most will never bother to complain. They’ll just walk away.”
Marilyn Suttle

The customer is the single most important component of a CSP and customer support will be the next competitive battleground (if it wasn’t already). But are there any B/OSS that give a CSP’s call centre operators a singular customer-by-customer view across all aspects of their experience life-cycle (ie the unique customer perspective), including:

  • Start a service (what was the environment at the time eg sales promotions, relative pricing, competitor failures, etc)
  • Alarms / events that have impacted the customer
  • Customer calls / complaints
  • Bills (particularly any errors or significant deviations from norm)
  • SLA breaches
  • MACs (Moves, Adds, Changes to a service)
  • Termination of a service

Assuming you have all those data sets at your finger-tips, how do you analyse them (individually and collectively) to produce insights (preferably leading indicators) that actually contribute to your business objectives? For example, using churn prediction patterns to understand when a customer is likely to be dissatisfied to the point of churning to another provider.

Firstly you need software that can pull data from all of the different tools in your OSS suite and aggregate key customer data into a single repository.

Secondly you need a system-wide linking key for filtering that data (eg customer ID or service ID) so that they can be visualised in a timeline or time-sequenced list for any specific customer.

Then thirdly you need all this data to be accessible almost instantaneously for call centre operators so they can answer a customer’s call with the customer’s view-point in front of them.

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