Understanding the customer’s audience

“The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.”
Roy H. Williams

The technical (left brain) versus the visual (right brain) both need to be catered for in the sales and marketing of your OSS. The customer’s executive tend to want to easily see big-picture benefits, whereas the technical team wants to see the specifications, lists of features, etc.

It’s likely that the product evaluation team consists of both types, perhaps at different stages of the evaluation process. On an important sales opportunity, it is key to evaluate the organisation’s needs, but also evaluate the drivers of each of the decision makers. Is there a single ultimate decision maker? Is there an evaluation group?

Are they left-brain (dot points with lots of facts and figures) or right-brain (lots of graphics and benefits)?

Does each person want to know the specifications of the guitar, the processes of how it’s played, or just listen to the music?

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