What Telco CMOs and CTOs are thinking

Few (28%) [Telco CTOs] are likely to involve marketing in their technology strategy or vice versa (20%).”
In a report commissioned by Comptel (Executive Summary shown below) covering an equal share of CMOs and CTO/CIOs at CSPs in the Asia-Pacific, EMEA and South American regions.

Furthermore, the report indicates that 60% of respondents indicated that they were interested in understanding gaps in the service delivery process. Customer Experience Management is closely aligned.

CTOs and CMOs are tackling the same problem here (ie the service delivery process), but from different perspectives. Do you also find it interesting that less than one in four respondents in this survey actually consider collaborating with their CMO / CTO counterparts?

OSS tend to be repositories of great / vast information. The limitation of turning information into insight is often more through a lack of human collaboration (ie cross-pollination) rather than lack of data collected (being big data’d).

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