000 – Introduction to The Passionate About OSS Podcast

Welcome to the Passionate About OSS podcast, the show for people who are just that – Passionate About OSS – Where the OSS stands for Operational Support Systems.

In other words, the software solutions that help manage and operate the complex telecommunications networks of today.

Thanks for joining me on the episode that isn’t quite an episode – it’s more of an introduction message that describes what this show is all about.

I’ve been running the Passionate About OSS brand for a number of years now. But I’ve been passionate about OSS even longer than that, having developed the bug on my first OSS project way back in the year 2000. It’s such a fascinating and diverse subject that I love sharing the passion with others. This show means not just having conversations, but sharing them with you, the audience.

This show shines a light on some of the best and brightest in this industry, and when I say brightest, this means some unbelievably clever, genius-level, OSS experts. Being surrounded by such luminaries can be a humbling experience, especially when you’re less Nostradamus and more NostraDumbAss, like me. As humbling as it might be, even the best of the best don’t come close to knowing everything there is to know about our ever-changing industry.

That’s why we’ll look at it from the multitude of facets that OSS consists of, through the expert eyes who represent personas such as:

· Architects

· Business Analysts

· The C-suite (CEO, CMO, CFO, etc)

· Consultants

· Data Scientists, AI / ML

· Designers

· Developers

· Founders

· Operators

· Project Implementers

· Rainmakers

· Testers

· And so much more

We’ll delve into the pathways they’ve taken in achieving their god-like statuses, but also unlock the tips, tactics, methodologies and strategies they employ. Their successes and failures, challenges and achievements. We’ll look into the past, present and even seek to peer into what the future holds for the telco and OSS industries. The telcos we assist have never been more important to our society, yet they’ve never been more imperiled by market disruption. We’ll seek out ways to add even greater value to network operators and the global customer-base they support.

I expect that our guests’ stories and insights will help you along your own journey, regardless of whether you’re just starting out or have already spent decades wrestling the beast that is OSS.

Like so many of your counterparts, I’m sure you’re inquisitive enough to have loads of additional questions for our guests and I. If so, head over to PassionateAboutOSS.com and leave us a message:

1) of the questions you have,

2) your stories and journey and

3) perhaps even suggestions about the guests you’d like to hear from in future.

We’ll talk soon… but in the meantime, be sure to spread the gospel, the passion that is OSS.

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