009 – Managing OSS/BSS Transformation at a Mid-Tier Telco with Steven Cocchiarella

Much of the focus within OSS/BSS centres around the big-budget projects being done by the Tier-1 telcos. They get attention because there are lots of people involved, lots of OSS horsepower, with big, ambitious goals. But there’s another part of the industry that doesn’t tend to get so much public recognition – the mid-market telcos and utilities. These OSS/BSS tend to cover just as much scope. They just don’t have the same level of resources.

Our guest on this episode, Steven Cocchiarella, knows the challenges of providing a full-stack OSS/BSS for the mid-tier market. He was Director of Information Services and Business Analytics for Smithville (http://www.smithville.com), an independent telco provider in Indiana, USA. He describes the challenges he faced in this role and some of the techniques he used to circumvent some of them. Techniques such as the “cut it off and kill it,” approach.

Steven also outlines the opportunities awaiting the many OSS/BSS vendors supplying mid-market telcos like Smithville. He describes the gaps in current offerings and how they can be done better to provide better outcomes for the mid-market. He also provides examples of how he used Salesforce to provide a wrapper around the monolithic OSS/BSS he inherited, allowing him to have freer control over processes and essential data sets. Steven enjoyed these projects so much that he’s now moved on to become a Salesforce Consultant at Growth Heroes (https://growthheroes.com).

For any further questions you may have, Steven can be found at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/steven-cocchiarella-3756b811b/

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