Alestra deploys NetCracker

Alestra Leverages NetCracker’s Revenue Management Solution to Support New and Innovative Offerings.

NetCracker Technology announced that Alestra, a leading IT services company based out of Mexico, has deployed the NetCracker Revenue Management solution in order to leverage a modern and flexible billing system capable of supporting Alestra’s innovative offerings.

Alestra is a Mexico-based information and communications technology provider, offering a wide range of cloud, collaboration, security, mobility and data center services to businesses of all sizes and industries.

Alestra has gone into production with the NetCracker Revenue Management solution in order to reduce overall TCO by eliminating customizations built around its existing billing platform. The NetCracker offering will also consolidate billing, rating and charging processes, streamlining operations and accelerating time-to-market for new services.

“As we launch more innovative and comprehensive offerings, we need a revenue management platform that can scale with our new market strategies without compromising the quality and responsiveness expected by our customers,” said Carlos Lerma, CIO at Alestra. “We are excited to use NetCracker’s Revenue Management offering, which will help us roll out new products swiftly and efficiently while simultaneously supporting our other offerings.”

The use of NetCracker’s flexible and function-rich Revenue Management solution will enable Alestra to accelerate the launch of new services, such as mobile, security and virtual desktop offerings. NetCracker’s solution will also help Alestra support its existing wireline business as it expands and deploys more innovative products and services.

As part of the implementation, NetCracker provided Alestra with a wide range of professional services, including configuration, testing, training, performance and post-production services.

“Our partnership with Alestra validates the flexible and scalable nature of our next-generation Revenue Management solution,” said Sylvain Seignour, Vice President of Global Sales at NetCracker. “We look forward to working with Alestra and helping it roll out new solutions and expand its customer base.”

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