Amdocs signs four new deals

Normally I provide an update per deal, but on 30 April Amdocs signed four so I’m bundling here. Every OSS deal is hard-won, so four on one day is a significant achievement!

1. Taiwan’s FET Selects Amdocs for Charging and Billing Modernization Project to Provide Enhanced LTE Experience.
Amdocs announced that FET (FarEasTone Telecommunications), a leading provider of mobile, fixed-line and broadband Internet services in Taiwan, has selected Amdocs products and services to modernize its charging and billing systems with real-time capabilities and facilitate the launch of 4G LTE services to the local marketplace. Amdocs systems have been supporting FET’s mobile billing operations for the past 10 years and will now be upgraded to Amdocs’ flagship Convergent Charging and Billing solution, based on the Amdocs CES 9 product suite. Amdocs will deliver a full solution including third-party hardware and software, implementation, systems integration, testing, training and maintenance services.

2. Telkom South Africa Signs Four-Year Managed Services Agreement with Amdocs.
Amdocs and Telkom South Africa (Telkom SA), the country’s largest fixed-line provider and a growing wireless carrier, have signed a managed services agreement in which Amdocs will provide a converged business support and operations support systems (B/OSS) platform. The agreement extends a one-year contract signed in 2013 to four years. The transformation project will provide an enhanced customer experience across Telkom SA’s lines of business, customer segments and channels as well as the flexibility and agility to introduce new products and services. Amdocs will also provide end-to-end management of Telkom SA’s billing operations, covering application development, integration management, testing, maintenance and bill production, including e-billing.

3. Telefónica Argentina Selects Amdocs Integrated Products and Services for Wireline Transformation Project.
Amdocs announced that Telefónica Argentina, the leading multi-play service provider in the country serving 27 million wireless, wireline and high-speed Internet customers, has selected Amdocs to transform its wireline business support systems (BSS) operations. With this transformation project, Telefónica Argentina aims to differentiate its brand experience by allowing its wireline subscribers to move seamlessly between all customer interaction channels, whether self-service or agent assisted, via the Web, call center or at the retail store. Telefónica elected to modernize and standardize its BSS operations in Argentina on Amdocs software, starting with the transformation of its wireless operations awarded to Amdocs in 2012, and is now expanding the partnership to include its wireline operations. Amdocs will deliver pre-integrated products from its CES portfolio, including sales, provisioning, billing, customer management, self-service and enterprise-wide product management. With complete project accountability Amdocs will deliver implementation, systems integration, testing and training services to support the rollout, as well as ongoing product support.

4. Sprint Extends and Expands Managed Services Agreement to Include Amdocs Convergent Charging.
Amdocs announced that Sprint, one of North America’s leading wireless service providers, has extended its managed services deal with Amdocs for its billing and customer care systems, and selected Amdocs Convergent Charging to rapidly create and monetize mobile data services. Amdocs will continue to manage key business processes ? including billing, customer care and IT infrastructure management ? under a managed services model hosted at an Amdocs data center. The agreement extension includes continued support of the Sprint, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile USA and Assurance Wireless brands. Amdocs Convergent Charging, which provides convergent, real-time charging, enables a comprehensive set of mobile services ? such as hybrid customers, and shared wallet ? that will enable Sprint to accelerate time to market for these innovative new services.

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