An OctopOSS on Baker Street

I think this job in particular allows us all to be Holmes-ian; eccentric and imaginative and creative and to think out of the box. Real life, away from work, requires us to be slightly more Dr. John Watson.”
Jude Law

Implementing an OSS requires both of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s great characters.

It requires the imaginative, the creative, the inquisitive, the analytical, the detective that is Sherlock Holmes.

It requires the structured, the conciliatory, the detailed, the supportive, the reliable, the clinical that is Dr Watson.

The Holmes/Watson dichotomy is required in almost every role on the OSS team. What character traits do you bring to your role?

PS. I didn’t explicitly mention the eccentric that is Holmes, but a bit of eccentricity can make things interesting on the project team

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