Are you a pioneer?

An important factor regarding the adoption rate of an innovation is its compatibility with the values, beliefs, and past experiences of individuals in the social system
Everett Rogers

Is your company built around being an Innovator or early adopter with regards to network technologies, service offerings, process, etc?

If so, what impact does sailing the blue ocean have on your OSS strategy?

Whilst OSS vendors generally try to design their products to be flexible and handle any future events, they’re not always able to accommodate external innovations within their product workflow. How nimble are your OSS vendors at getting new product versions to you when an external innovation becomes available in the market? Does it slow the speed of your wagons (sorry for the bad pioneering pun there)? Is there a risk that your OSS will stymie your competitive advantage?

If you’re going to build your CSP business model around being a pioneer, you’ll need your OSS vendors to be similarly ahead of the curve or be able to quickly customise solutions ahead of them being available via vendor products. It’s also likely that you’ll need to be prepared for more regular OSS upgrades than the norm. As a result, there will be a premium attached. Hopefully these premiums will be outweighed by the benefits of delivering innovation to your own customers.

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