Andorra Telecom goes live with NetCracker

NetCracker’s Visionary Transformation Goes Into Production at Andorra Telecom.

NetCracker Technology announced that Andorra Telecom, the national telecommunications operator for the Principality of Andorra, has deployed NetCracker’s end-to-end, fully integrated solutions as part of a massive BSS/OSS transformation. Andorra Telecom has been a longtime NetCracker billing customer, and selected to update and expand its existing NetCracker platform to the entire NetCracker BSS/OSS suite.

Andorra Telecom provides mobile and fixed voice, data and Internet services for domestic and international communications. Andorra Telecom also manages the technical infrastructure and national broadcasting networks for the country’s radio and terrestrial digital TV services. This upgrade and expansion will enable Andorra Telecom to bring new products and services to the market quicker and launch next-generation business models.

Andorra Telecom has been a pioneer in foreseeing the future of systems and architecture in the telecom industry. Working together with NetCracker, Andorra Telecom has implemented a single-platform approach for all of its BSS/OSS applications and has set the direction for a more agile and responsive order-to-cash process. This visionary single-platform approach:
•Consists of natively pre-integrated BSS/OSS applications across multiple technology and business domains, reducing integration costs
•Significantly minimizes the amount of IT technologies and solutions that need to be maintained across the enterprise, reducing CapEx and OpEx
•Unifies business processes and information models across all business lines, departments and BSS/OSS application domains, reducing time-to-market for new services
•Uses unified catalog- and policy-driven business logic across all BSS/OSS layers and distribution channels to rapidly customize offerings

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