These are calculated automagically
Darryl Harvey.

OSS automations like flow-through provisioning are the holy grail of CSPs as they seek to offer self-service models for their customers.

As Darryl mentions above, CSPs often expect OSS vendors to get these automations working automagically. Perhaps you’re more familiar with the other mythical term, “out-of-the-box.” But behind the scenes these automations are usually a complex combination of processes, data modelling/flows, network designs, service designs, integrations and systems activities. They only come together with significant effort from multiple domains.

As shown in Sidney Harris’ famous cartoon below, “miracles happen here” when it comes to flow through provisioning. Ideally the CSP should have a good understanding of how the magic happens though because any changes to any of the variables (eg service design changes) can render their automations inoperable.

Miracle happens here

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