Big Data – Big Trust (part 2)

To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.”
George MacDonald

In yesterday’s blog, we spoke of the shades of grey that different users feel on the spectrum of free services versus secure/private services.

We also spoke of the potential strategic advantage held by many traditional CSPs compared with their relatively newer Internet (OTT) equivalents – the advantage of a having a trusting customer base.

I wonder whether our BSS / OSS could potentially help leverage this even further? Do any CSPs provide complete transparency to their customers, providing a user portal that allows their customers to control what data is visible and to whom, as well as seeing how it’s been used and by whom? A PDB (Privacy Database) as it were.

Extending this concept further, could CSPs become a privacy abstraction layer between users and applications (eg made by OTT start-ups), whereby the CSP shares their subscriber base (another of the traditional CSP’s massive assets) with the start-up, but protects their customers’ data from unscrupulous data policies by the start-ups? A walled garden of big trust maintained by the CSPs.

Is this feasible (I can envisage a few potential road-blocks to overcome already)? Do any customers even want it or need it?

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