Botswana Telecommunications Corporation selects Amdocs

Botswana Telecommunications Corporation Limited Selects Amdocs for Business Support Systems Modernization.

Amdocs announced that Botswana Telecommunications Corporation Limited (BTCL), a provider of fixed, mobile and broadband services to approximately 800,000 customers, has awarded Amdocs a five-year managed services contract for business support systems (BSS) modernization with the aim of enabling service convergence, more billing and customer care options and reduced operational costs.

Under the agreement, Amdocs will deliver its C1 converged billing system (the former Comverse One product) to replace three legacy billing systems currently supporting BTCL’s different lines of business. As a result, BTCL will be able to offer customers triple-play bundles and price plans and, for the first time, a single bill across all services. Further improving the customer experience, BTCL will also be able to support their customers on new channels, including self-service via the BTCL website and mobile apps.

Amdocs will also deliver managed services and user acceptance testing services developed for Amdocs C1 following Amdocs’ acquisition last year of the substantial majority of Comverse’s BSS assets. By selecting Amdocs for both product and services, BTCL will be able to achieve operational cost savings beyond those achieved through the reduction in the number of systems to be operated and maintained.

“BTCL operates in a competitive market and it is important for us to be able to offer our customers attractive multi-play bundles and price plans, a single bill across services and new customer service options for greater end-user control and satisfaction,” said Christopher Diswai, General Manager Strategy at BTCL. “With Amdocs providing both the solution and the necessary services to support the rollout and subsequent system operations, they will help us ensure service quality while establishing efficiencies in operations and cost structure.”

“Our engagement with BTCL is a further example of our continued business momentum following the Comverse asset acquisition,” said Eric Updyke, group president of Amdocs System Integration and Operations. “Former Comverse customers like BTCL are benefiting from the additional value and innovation of Amdocs’ products and services, driving greater operational and business agility and the ability to engage with customers on new digital dimensions.”

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