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Income follows assets
Daniel Priestley.

In OSS-world what are our biggest assets? Apart from your customers, what are your biggest OSS assets?
Products? Services? People? Intellectual Property?

To put this another way, what is it that underpins your strongest revenue streams?

If you’re a product vendor then it’s probably your products. lf you’re an integrator, then it’s probably your services / systems. If you’re a consultancy firm then it’s probably your people / IP.

So if income follows assets then our objective is to create stronger / bigger assets. All of these assets are somewhat intangible but all are stronger if your customer satisfaction levels improve.

In Monday’s blog, I asked a series of questions about the type of testing that you’re doing. Is it limited to functional testing only?

Are you doing “customer delight” testing? Are you trialling different variants in relation to your assets and measuring the results? For example, at product prototyping stage, do you present different variants to external reviewers to see which delights them more? Do you then have a system to analyse why you’re getting the results you are?

If you are looking for a team that can provide you with this type of analysis, is external but impartial / independent and has a wealth of experience conducting these types of reviews, please leave me a note.

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