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I do all my work by storyboard, so as I draw the storyboard, the world gets more and more complex, and as a result, my North, South, East, West directions kind of shift and go off base…
Hayao Miyazaki.

Does your B/OSS have the ability to track each interaction relating to a customer, through all the different systems in your suite? If yes, can you then visualise as a timeline of interactions? Better yet, can you overlay these storyboards for all your customers to find out where you’re losing TTM (Time To Market) and other customer experience measures?

Process maps are often built up in an absence of real data. They are often designed based on certain ideal situations, but have difficulty in handling rarer exceptional cases. This is completely justifiable for the purpose of simplicity. The alternate approach is to design processes with dozens of exception cases built in, but that just tends to slow down the common cases.

However the downside of the simple process design is that the exceptions are often overlooked and/or lost in hand-offs between business units and/or tools. The storyboard approach (with actual timeline) will quickly show whether your processes are failing some of your customers as well as highlighting where in the process needs refinement.

The advantage of this approach is that you are designing for real exception cases, not just the possible ones that your process teams can envisage (but might never eventuate).

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