Do you like your OctopOSS Big or Small?

Bureaucracy defends the status quo long past the time when the quo has lost its status.”
Laurence J. Peter

In the past all CSPs were big and their associated OctopOSS were also big. Many million dollars big.

But those projects were also complex, time consuming and often delivered little of what they originally intended.

It is interesting that enterprise-grade OSS tools are increasingly being snuck in the back door by staff at these large CSPs. They are filling gaps in what the large OctopOSS have either failed to deliver or are still waiting to deliver. The applications are small, fast (less internal approvals), easy to install, cheaper, more intuitive and generally more nimble. But more importantly, they’re delivering customised outcomes for the business in a fraction of the time the big boys take.

An analogy is the calculation that takes many pages to solve in a university but is replaced by a simple rule-of-thumb one can easily do in their head in seconds out in the corporate world. The rule of thumb may only give 95% of the accuracy of the lengthy formula, but often that is enough.

Obviously there are pros and cons of each

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