C-Ports – Docker Containers Across Multiple Clouds

“C-Ports (pronounced seaports), as we call it, has already been demonstrated to effectively deploy containers across 5 clouds (Bluemix, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Chameleon , and FutureSystems and 2 clusters (one at IBM and another at Rutgers University) in order to create a dynamic federation. Additionally, C-Ports is not tied to a specific container scheduler, i.e., it can work with any local container scheduler, such as Kubernetes or Bluemix, or directly deploy containers on the given resource/cloud, thereby increasing its portability and flexibility. In the rest of this blog, we will present C-Ports while highlighting the challenges associated with running containers in a multi-cloud/multi-datacenter environment.”
Merve, here on IBM.

Interesting news in the link above at IBM for anyone looking to host containerised operational tools across clouds with dynamic federation.

Or perhaps for deploying a common platform in different jurisdictions where data sovereignty requirements are paramount?

Or a global value fabric offering from a startup that avoids the need to own any infrastructure?

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