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One of the main assets that CSPs have is their customer base but when you compare the level of engagement a CSP has with its customers, compared to a say, Facebook or LinkedIn, there’s no comparison. Is it fair to say that CSPs are not engaging with their customer base and therefore are at risk of ignoring their most valuable asset?
Marek Maroszek
here on Vanilla Plus.

Without doubt, the customer base is one of big telcos’ biggest assets. But as Marek states, DSPs (Digital Service Providers) like Facebook and Google engage with their customers on a far more regular basis than telcos do. This may be partly why the DSPs have much better NPS (Net Promoter Scores) than the telcos generally do.

Our current engagement with telcos tends to be the monthly bill (which many people automatically pay), up-sell contact calls or when things go wrong. None of these are exactly engaging experiences are they? So this represents an opportunity for the telcos and their OSS / BSS. How do we find ways to engage with customers on a daily basis that adds value to their digital experience?

I don’t have the magic bullet for you but I do suspect the answer lies in:

  • Applications / Content;
  • Virtual networks;
  • Sensor networks; and/or
  • Analytics / Data

Our challenge is creating the products / services that customers are compelled to use (or consume) on a daily basis. The great thing about some of the dot-points above is that they’re relatively easy to prototype and trial to see whether they have a chance of going viral. Since many telcos have cut their R&D spend, they may not have the ability to do this in-house, but they still have the opportunity to leverage John Reilly’s Value Fabric concept and partnering with third-parties to help develop / deliver new products and services.

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