OSS can’t save their way to greatness

Communications service providers (CSPs) need to move from a mentality of saving costs to one of creating new sources of revenue. Those can come from effective use of CSP data, greater exploitation of the customer relationship and improved agility and flexibility to introduce new services over virtualised networks.”
Marek Maroszek
here on Vanilla Plus.

I have to say up front that I’m completely against the sentiment of “greater exploitation of the customer relationship” but I do agree that CSPs need to move from [just having] a mentality of saving costs to one of creating new sources of revenue.

I always hear that OSS is a cost-out selling model. Or built on a cost-reduction business case. That just seems to be the standard mantra from sellers and buyers alike in our industry.

Just as with us as individuals and CSPs as organisations, OSS can’t save our way to greatness. Greatness comes from innovation and new revenue streams (as well as cost optimisation I agree). I provide a number of suggestions for how this can be done in my recently launched eBook called “Valuable OSS.”

Am I being too idealistic here? Can all the smart people at all of these sophisticated organisations over all the years of accumulated experience be narrow in their line of thinking or is cost-out indeed the only way?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and freshest ideas.

Is the status quo the right way to go for the survivability of CSP and OSS business models?

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