Epochal Shift

As a result of epochal shift of power in the marketplace from seller to buyer, the customer is now in charge. We now live in the age of customer capitalism. Making money and corporate survival now depend not merely on pushing products at customers but rather on delighting them so that they want to keep on buying. To prosper, firms must have knowledge workers who are continuously innovating and delivering a steady supply of new value to customers and delivering it sooner.”
Steve Denning
on Forbes

There is only one point that I wish to expound upon in the quote above, that is that “firms must have knowledge workers….”

In the telecommunications market it seems that most innovation is coming from around the edges of the CSPs, in the vendors and the OTT providers.

Is it the ability to harness the best innovations from micro-companies that is driving communications evolution more so than a firm’s knowledge workers? Is this another epochal shift in how R&D is conducted? Idea outsourcing?

Denning also states, “In this new world, the bottom of line of business isn’t profits but rather customer delight, i.e. the provision of a continuous stream of additional value to customers and delivering it sooner.” This is another mindset shift for the CSPs to take on board.

Just as the CSPs’ enterprise customers are dragging them down the path of increased transparency and partnership, the CSPs’ OSS vendors also have the opportunity to help them delight and deliver.

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