Getting to genba part 2

In “Getting to genba” we discussed the Japanese concept of genba or defining where is the real place that work gets done. According to a learned colleague named Paul who also grew up in Japan, genba is part of popular culture there, being cited regularly in business discussions. We had an interesting discussion about the earlier blog and some of the thoughts have spawned this follow-up article.

Let me pose a question to you. Is “the real place” for OSS in the IT department that is setting the requirements and monitoring progress and signing off a vendor or integrator’s products / configurations?
Or is the real place actually out where the field workers use those tools?

We don’t tend get into the field very often to see how our solutions are being used (or not) do we?

If the IT department actually buffers you from getting to genba then it’s quite likely that you won’t deliver a solution that best suits the genba needs.

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